Alexandra Kalmar



My latest work will be presented in the online-exhibition Kunstroute-Ehrenfeld on the 31st of July.

Der Schöpfungsmythos / egg tempera and oil on canvas / 110 x 90 cm / 2021

new pictures

Begegnungen – maybe next year

the resceduelled exhibition Begegnungen was canceled for now. Maybe next year you can meet me at the opening 10.09.2020 19:00

Galerie im Bezirksrathaus Köln Ehrenfeld (11.09.2020-09.10.2020)

latest addition

untitled / egg tempera on canvas / 99 x 105 cm / 2020

9 new pictures

2020 has been very productive so far. Nine new pictures have been added to the collection:

Soul of the Woods

my painting im Wald was featured at Soul of the Woods


meet me at Begegnungen exhibition 19.03.2020 19:00

Galerie im Bezirksrathaus (20.03.2020-18.04.2020)


Kunstsommer exhibition at Gallerie Eyegenart (11.07.2019-05.08.2019)

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